Cryptococcus neoformans – New Science for Discovering Melanin Modifiers

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R. Soundharya
V. Aruna
G. V. Amruthavalli
R. Gayathri


Aim: The present study was taken up to establish the effect of niacinamide on phenoloxidase lead melanogenesis and to prove the reliability of C. neoformans based screening methodology.

Methods: The organism was grown in the Minimal media in presence and absence of L- DOPA and Niacinamide and checked for its pigment producing ability at different time intervals.

Results: Niacinamide did not affect the pigmentation in Cryptococcus neoformans in the absence or presence of L-Dopa.

Conclusion: Cryptococcus neoformans as a biological tool for studying the mechanism of action of various melanin promoters/ inhibitors. The present study highlights the importance and usefulness of Cryptococcus neoformans based screening invention as it is cost effective rapid and ‘living cell model’.

Vitamin B3, tyrosinase, hyperpigmentation, L-DOPA.

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Soundharya, R., Aruna, V., Amruthavalli, G. V., & Gayathri, R. (2018). Cryptococcus neoformans – New Science for Discovering Melanin Modifiers. South Asian Journal of Research in Microbiology, 2(3), 1-4.
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