Effect of Endophytic Bacteria Burkholderia cepacia on Growth, Cocoon Characters and Enzyme Activity of Silkworm, Bombyx mori L.

V. Gunasekhar, Arpitha Somayaji

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Antibiogram of Bacteria Isolated from Tympanotonus fuscatus Var. Radula (Prosobranchia:Potamididae) Sold in Markets in Nasarawa State, Nigeria

U. K. Asemota, M. D. Makut, S. O. Obiekezie, J. E. Owuna, M. O. Adamu

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Microorganisms Associated with the Fermentation of Gari Fortified with Sprouted Mung Beans Flour

Abiola Abiodun Bayode, Ojokoh, Anthony Okhonlaye

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Effects of Fermentation and Extrusion on the Proximate Compositions and Organoleptic Properties of Sweet Potato (Ipomoea batatas) and Beniseed (Sesamum indicum) Blends

Kemi Medinat Olawale, Anthony Okhonlaye Ojokoh

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The Impact of Egbu Abattoir Wastes on Fungal Concentrates of the Soil Environment

M. I. Nwachukwu, C. C. Ike, I. O. Nwachukwu

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